As a kid, I was branded a show-off. I heard it a lot, and grew to be just fine with the label. Showing off got me good grades and regular gigs with my garage band, The Press. 

As a grownup, showing off earned me writing awards, regular stints as an adjunct professor, a successful run as a nonprofit marketing director, accolades as a festival promoter, and a steady gig schedule with my current band, The Frye. 

Today, it's my privilege to be a professional show-off on behalf of people doing fascinating work in business, the arts, industry and the nonprofit sector. 

That's what I'm ready to do for you. Together with a host of talented associates, I'll tell your stories in ways that get noticed and remembered. Whether you need help with simple pieces like newsletters or a comprehensive marketing campaign, we have enough talent, experience, inspiration and pizza on hand to drive your message exactly where you'd like it to go.

If now's your time to show off, please get in touch.